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The Armies Collide at Gettysburg!


Citizens of Gettysburg watch as the battle begins in the distance on their edge of their small town. 2013

Citizens of Gettysburg watch as the Union and Confederate armies collide on the edge of their small Pennsylvania town. Over the next three days the very existence of the United States is at stake.   The town of Gettysburg, with a population of just 5,000 residents, will see the two armies, numbering over 150,000 men, fight it out amongst the hills, fields and in the town itself. The battle will decide the fate of the Nation.


Confederate guns open up during the first days fighting at Gettysburg. 2013.

“It had begun as an almost accidental collision between two armies, it had continued because of sheer force of circumstances made it impossible to break it off, and it was actually fought for the possession of control over the future of America.” *

The Civil War 150 Pinhole Project, witnessed this first set of these epic battles, but will be returning to Gettysburg this week for the remainder of the fighting and an extensive tour of the famous battlefield.



The Iron Brigade enters the fight on the first day at Gettysburg. 2013

The Iron Brigade enters the fight on the first day at Gettysburg. 2013

Please check back in late July 2013 for the complete coverage of three bloodiest days in American History; three days that determined the destiny of the Nation.

*Quote: Bruce Catton, “Gettysburg: The Final Fury”

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  1. Ed Lyon #

    Excellent pictures. Keep up the good work

    July 6, 2013
    • Ed,
      Thanks for your comments on the work. Ill be posting the Gettysburg work in a couple weeks, please check back.

      Mike Falco

      July 10, 2013

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