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Coastal guns at Fort Moultrie, Sullivan Island, SC 2013

Coastal guns at Fort Moultrie, Sullivan Island, SC 2013

Click any icon below to begin slide shows of the Civil War 150 Pinhole Project.  The images follow the time line of the Civil War with images of battlefields and reenactments starting at Manassas, Virginia in 2011, and include images of Shiloh Tennessee, New Market Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, Richmond Virginia, the Seven Days Battlefields, 2nd Manassas Battlefield,  the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Fredericksburg, VA, Chancellorsville, VA, Gettysburg PA, Chickamauga, GA, Charleston, South Carolina, Winter at Gettysburg 2014, The Overland Campaign of 1864, the Atlanta Campaign, the Siege of Petersburg and the Shenandoah Campaign of 1864.  All the images were taken with large format pinhole cameras, the vast majority of these images are un-cropped, full frame 4×5 & 8×10 negatives.

Link to Bull Run

Link to Shiloh

Link to Valley Campaign 1862

Link to Seven Days Battles

Link to Second Manassas

Link to Antietam

Link to Vicksburg

Link to Fredericksburg

Link to Chancellorsville

Link to Gettysburg

Link to Chickamauga

Link to Charleston & Fort Wagner

Link to Winter at Gettysburg

Link to Overland Campaign

Link to Atlanta Campaign

Link to Siege of Petersburg

Link to Shenandoah Valley 1864

Link to The March to the Sea

Link to The Carolinas Campaign

Link to The Last Campaign

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